Every area has buildings that stand out from the typical offering there. Properties of premium appeal with an unmistakable identity shape their surroundings and contribute to the special atmosphere and the quality of living. One of these is Palais an der Oper.

Erected in 1750 for the diplomat, minster and field marshal Ignaz Felix Graf von Törring-Jettenbach, the palace was Munich's most state-of-the-art noble residence in the 18th century. The splendid arcades to Max-Joseph-Platz still today characterise the building and the entire square. Hidden behind the historic facades, however, a modern building ensemble is revealed with all the essential conveniences for residing, living and working.

Extending over three basements and seven upper floors, the total area of 23,000 m² comprises premium office spaces and medical practices, exclusive stores, upmarket eateries and luxury apartments plus a basement car park. Palais an der Oper is rounded off by a comprehensive service and security concept.

  • Attractive courtyard with individually developed offices, medical practices and apartments
  • Office and practice spaces on the first to fourth floors
  • Luxury rental apartments on the fifth and sixth floors

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